Winter Closings

Winterizing your swimming pool correctly is extremely important and should be done by a professional. The pools’ piping and filter system need to be blown out and/or drained properly in order to avoid any damage from freezing. As part of the process, any equipment such as pumps, diving boards, ladders etc. are removed and stowed. A heater, while turned off, is sprayed with WD40 to help preserve its’ life and repel rodents or insects, then covered to help keep the snow out of it.  The process includes lowering the pool water to a safe level to prevent any ice damage, adding chemicals to help preserve the water for next season, and leaving the pool clean to help prevent any possible staining. Finally, the anchors for the Winter cover need to be “popped up” and the cover installed.  Contact us with any questions you may have since the process will vary from pool to pool.


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