Rick Pinto Swimming Pool Service, Inc. provides Swimming Pool Inspections for perspective buyers of homes with swimming pools and spas in lower Fairfield County of CT and bordering Westchester County communities. Just like a home inspection, it is very important to have a pool inspected. After all, it is a large investment and should be thoroughly inspected to be sure that it was properly constructed and maintained, even for new pools. These days many pools have elaborate control systems, water features, and electronic valves and even some with smart phone interfacing. There are many instances where a new homeowner purchased a home without having the swimming pool inspected or had it inspected as part of the home inspection only to find out, after the sale that the pool needed attention and was overlooked.

When you are purchasing a new home, we understand the need for last minute inspections with a quick turn around can make or break the deal. Our report will be emailed to you ASAP following the inspection. This report may contain pictures detailing areas of concern and recommendations as well as possible solutions and/or costs involved.

Rick Pinto has received accreditations as an APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) Certified & Licensed Service Professional.  With over 40 years in the swimming pool industry, who better to look over your pool for potential issues than the owner, Rick himself. Rick has all the expertise, experience and licenses needed to look for even the smallest of problems. He will provide you with a detailed report including but not limited to equipment operation (for each piece of equipment) and condition, electrical systems, plumbing, pool structure, accessories, patio and decking, fencing, safety issues and code requirements. If requested, an electronic leak detection service can also be performed, at an additional price, which will determine if the pool has even the smallest leak. Even though, it cannot determine the location of a leak if present, it can help to avoid costly structural and underground plumbing repairs, which would be otherwise undetectable. We can also provide leak location services to pinpoint a leak, such as pressure testing of the underground plumbing and scuba diving service to inspect the pool interior, as well as the actual repairs necessary.

Since not every pool is alike (some have additional pumps, multiple filters and heaters, spas, other water features, etc.), the price to perform the inspection varies. Below are the costs associated with a Pool Inspection. Although inspections can be performed during the off-season, it is highly advisable to have the pool operational and clean when the inspection is performed. There are just too many variables that may be overlooked, for instance, leaking pumps, filters, heaters, plumbing, and structural problems, which may not be visible unless the pool is operational.

  • Standard Pool  $450.00
  • Pool w/spa sharing same filtration system (pump, filter and heater) $525.00
  • Pool w/spa and separate filtration system (2-pumps, 2-filters, 2-heaters) $575.00
  • Additional Pumps (Jet, water fall, other water feature, etc.) add each $25.00
  • Computerized Control Systems (verify connection & operation, electronic valves, sensors, remotes, etc.) add $75.00
  • Automatic Pool Cover (check operation, integrity, track, pulleys, etc.) add $75.00
  • Winter Safety Cover (if needs to be removed from storage, unfolded and inspected) add $75.00
  • Winter Safety Cover (if needs to be removed from pool and re-installed) add $125.00
  • Electronic Leak Detection add $225.00 This instrument can determine if there is even the smallest amount of water loss from the pool. Although not necessary, it can provide piece of mind knowing that the structure and underground plumbing are free of leaks.
  • Pressure Testing of underground plumbing. Each pipe add $125.00
  • Scuba Diving (only in warmer weather)        $350.00

Full Payment to be received prior to or during the Pool Inspection. Prices do not include Sales Tax.  Major Credit Cards Accepted


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